DIY Sharpie Mugs


(1) Cheap, white mug
(2) Porcelaine markers (I’ve heard oil-based sharpies work too, but I had these already)
(3) A design
For my design I decided to “monogram” the mugs for my brother and his girlfriend. (The nerd in me just laughed because the letters I used are B and G, but for Brandon and Grace, not Brother and Girlfriend… wow). I printed them off the computer (I used the Rockwell font size 150). I then flipped them over and used a pencil to scribble over the outline on the back. 

I then flipped the letter back over, and taped it to the mug. I proceeded to trace over the outline with a pen.
After removing the “stencil” this is what you’re left with:

I then simply went over my outline with the porcelain marker. These things can be tricky – you shake them up to get the ink mixed, then I recommend dotting it a few times on a piece of paper towel (you can press down and the marker tip presses back into the marker, which can cause a lot of ink to come out). If you aren’t careful you’ll get a huge blob of ink on your project. Have no fear, if you mess up – rubbing alcohol will remove any mess-ups before you bake.

Then to make them a little more artistic and cute, I “filled in” the letters
My marker was slowly dying. Then I pressed it down a few times on a paper towel and it ended up gushing out paint, so the G is a little darker than the B. But I like the way the B looked so I left it.
I then finalized the mugs with a gold sharpie paint marker on the other side with a customization for my brother and his girlfriend. I’ll see how well that stays on after they bake.
Look for an update here in a couple days with a “post baking” picture!!!