Change Up Your Routine: Glute Workout

Here’s a new, fun glute workout for you guys. It’s a nice change up of the usual exercises, I think! It gets you moving around the gym, using equipment in different ways, and experimenting. Let me know what you think!

rock hard buns workout

Glute Workout:

Superset 1:

Good Mornings

Bulgarian Split Squat (skip ahead about 59 seconds on this video to get to the exercise)

Superset 2:

Single Leg Press Down

Glue Bridges

Superset 3:

Seated 1-legged Leg Press

Plie Squat

Superset 4:

Standing Cable Curl

Abductor Machine (reverse)

Abductor Machine (normal)– make sure you lean FORWARD for this to really work your glutes

I like that these are supersets, but I also know a lot of gyms don’t make it convenient to do so. Either way, I like to organize them into supersets if possible!

And with all of these exercises, make sure you are driving through your heel to get the most glute activation!