About Amy

Hello! I thought I’d take the time to introduce myself in detail before my blog got too many (or any) readers.

My Background: At the current time, I am at 26 year old female, living in my home town in upstate New York. I grew up on a farm, and was always very active in 4-H, and with animals (horseback riding, bailing hay, showing goats at the fair, you get it). I also played sports growing up, but as I got into the higher grades in school I stuck to 2 sports: soccer, and lacrosse. Both these sports involve generous amounts of running, but you could not pay me or bribe me to run, just to run. It wasn’t until college, where I had active roommates and floormates who ran, that I really got into running.

I suffered a horrible injury, in which I fracture and dislocated my patella (knee cap) my senior year of high school, which led to the end of my sports “career”. I have since been battling this injury, trying to strengthen my knee and get back into being healthy.

My Schooling: I graduated from Hope College (Go Dutch!), in Michigan, with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science (with minors in both Psychology and Political Science). And then attended Ithaca College where I received my M.S. in Human Performance (Exercise Science and Sports Psychology). During Grad School I joined my local fire department as a volunteer, and became an EMT.

Where I Am at Now: I took a position with Americorps as an EMT for 6 months, and following that took a job as a perioperative care assistant at the local hospital. I work in the PACU (Post-Anesthesia Care Unit), and I love my job, and the people I work with.

My Plans for this Blog: I think I see this blog as becoming my future. My goal is for it to help me organize myself, find my true interests in the Health/Fitness Field, and be able to direct myself to a career choice. I want to share my love and passion for fitness, running, and lifting with anyone who cares to listen to my rambling on.


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