My Favorite Youtubers

Some days I just want to veg out: sit on my butt, eat junk, and watch trashy TV. Except unlike most people, I don’t always enjoy binge watching seasons/series of TV shows (with the exception of Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, or The Big Bang Theory). I am addicted to YouTube videos. Some days I will just search YouTube for a certain thing and after a few clicks and videos, end up in a completely different topic or channel then when I started.

I’ve developed a keen liking to “Beauty Gurus” as they’re called on YouTube. Watching videos of hair styles, makeup looks, makeup and fashion hauls, DIY room decor, etc. I can’t get enough of them!

So let’s get into it!

My Favorite Beauty YouTube Channels:

(These are in no particular order, so PLEASE check them all out! If you like a video, give it a thumbs up, if you really like a channel, subscribe!)

Eleventh Gorgeous:

Eleventhgorgeous (aka – Tracy and Stephanie) was one of the first channels I ever watched and subscribed to on YouTube. They’re funny, and feed off each other. They do “what not to do” videos, which are hilarious, but also do “getting ready with me” videos, hauls, and some other fun videos. The part I like about them is they typically go to stores like Target, H&M, Forever21, even Kmart, vs. Lilly Pulitzer, Free People, Urban Outfitters, etc that can be more expensive then some people prefer.


Rachel’s channel pulls me in with her “getting ready with me” or “getting unready with me” videos. I also love that each month she does a “theme week” where she posts a video every day (vs twice a week), all relating to a certain theme. She’s cute, her style is sensible (she’s a new mom after all), and very down to earth.


Leighann is funny. I love when she’s “hauls” something from Target, because, like everyone else, she ends up getting a ton of stuff she didn’t know she needed or wanted, and usually doesn’t even get the 1 thing she went into Target to get (can you relate?)

Caitlin Bea:

Caitlin might be my favorite YouTuber. I love her style, her decorating, etc. She’s an artist for fun, and makes adorable and skilled stuff. Her makeup is something that I can attempt to emulate. She’s funny, and realistic too. She’s friends with Sarahbelle (below) and I love when they do videos together.


Sarahbelle is amazing. She’s a southern belle, with sass. She has the cutest style that I am SO jealous of, and I want her voluminous hair. She’s hated on a lot around YouTube and Instagram, but that just makes me love her even more. I like watching her hauls of Lilly Pulitzer, etc and get so jealous that I could never own half that stuff, let alone pull it off wearing it.

Aspyn Ovard:

Aspyn’s channel is one that I like to go back and watch old videos from before I was subscribed to her. She has awesome food videos, that are “healthier” than some other options, but still delicious. She’s a horrible cook, like me, so everything she makes I know I can too. She’s cute and funny, and I love her DIYs too.


Kassie knows almost everything there is about makeup. I like watching her Getting Ready With Me videos, and attempting to learn how to put on eyeshadow properly. Her son, Ethan, is adorable, and they do food subscription box unboxing videos together and it’s the cutest thing ever. 


Alisha is a younger YouTuber, but I love her just the same. She has cute style, her vlogs are fun and interactive. She does lots of cute DIY projects, and has a lot of colabs with other YouTubers. If you like her, check out the colabs she’s done and follow those girls too!


Marissa is one of those YouTubers that I wish was my friend in real life. I love getting to watch her change from her old self into the person she is now. I love that she’s discovered Advocare, and now has a healthy lifestyle where she works out (and likes it), and eats following If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM). See her vlog channel down below also. I love all of her videos, regardless of the topic!

Elle Fowler:

Elle, and her sister Blair (not their real names), both have YouTube Channels. Together they have a business that sells cute stuff (makeup bags, phone cases), and they have a couple books out. However, I am very partial to Elle. She’s beautiful, and I feel down to earth. I love her decorating ideas for the holidays, and her book reviews.


Zoella is a YouTuber from across the pond. She has the cutest style, the longest hair, and the sweetest accent. I love her Primark Hauls, and it actually upsets me that I can’t go out and buy the things she gets (Reminds me of Forever 21). She’s starting to “blow up” if you will, with her own book, and it’s awesome to see her videos about anxiety and the social problems she’s had, and how she’s overcome them to get to where she is now.

*Note: A lot of the YouTube Beauty Gurus are changing their channels over to their names, vs the names they started with (e.g.: Aspyn’s channel used to be HauteBrilliance).

My Favorite Lifestyle/Vlog Channels:


The Shaytards are a family that vlogs daily. Shay Carl and his wife have 5 kids, and their vlogs are always humorous. Sometimes Shay can get a little preachy (especially about haters), and there’s a lot of sponsorships being thrown in lately, but still a good channel. I love their kids: Sontard, Princesstard, Babytard, Rocktard, and Brotard. (Not their real names, don’t worry).


The Other Side of EG (as they are formally known). I LOVE Tracy and Stephanie. On this channel they do awesome stuff like taste test those seasonal treats that you’re not sure will be good or not (pumpkin spice oreos, etc). It’s always amusing to watch, and usually they’re spot on.


Marissa has changed so much since I started watching YouTube, and I love her more and more as time goes on. She started as a beauty guru (see that channel above), but has grown into so much more, which I like. She’s began doing much more with healthy lifestyles, dieting, and working out. I LOVE her vlogs more than anything else she does.

Kalyn Nicholson

Kalyn is one of my favorite YouTubers. She does videos on healthy recipes (that are actually healthy), awesome DIYs, both clothing and decorating, she does workout vlogs, and motivation as well.

Jenna Marbles:

Jenna is super popular in the YouTube community, and is expanding. I listen to Hits1 on SiriusXM, and she does a weekly show now about trending music on YouTube. Her dogs, Kermit and Marbles (and she has a new one!) are adorable and I love that she spoils them and “abuses” them. She uploads every Wednesday, and I find myself anticipating her new video each week.


Alyx is weird, inappropriate, honest, and fun. Her videos and guaranteed to make you laugh, and are amusing takes on more serious subjects (and by serious I mean: How to get a guy to notice you… Or, Why I’m the worst roommate). A good quick laugh is guaranteed.

Cambria Joy/BreeLovesVlogs

I have recently stumbled upon Bree’s channels. She’s cute, perky, and one of those that I can put on in the background and listen to her blogs while I clean my room, etc. She’s religious, which is a healthy change from some media these days, but not down your throat about it!

My Favorite Fitness/Health/Food Channels:


Most people by now have heard of blogilates. Cassie is awesome at making quick, but effective workouts. I love that they’re all free to watch. When I’m lazy or only have a few minutes, I pick 1-3 of her videos to do, and by the end I’m sore and sweating. She’s so positive and motivating, which can get excessive so beware!


Kara lives in Upstate NY, so she’s naturally one of my favorites. She’s sponsored by P28 and MTS, but gives really good reviews, and I love watching her daily workout/food blogs. Love seeing that you can eat what you want and still have an awesome figure.

Sarah Fit

I love Sarah’s opinion on what’s worth the money at places like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, places where you can spend a lot of dough if you’re not careful. 

The Domestic Geek:

Love, love love the recipes on here. She does a great job of getting to the nitty gritty quick. Not a lot of fluff. Some of my favorites are the same base (i.e. – mac and cheese), but 3 different ways to change it up! Also, AWESOME smoothie recipes!

So what do you think of these channels? Do you watch a lot of YouTube? Any channels I’m missing out on and need to check out?

10 thoughts on “My Favorite Youtubers

  1. So fun! I haven’t really watched many self-help/ fitness/ beauty routines on YouTube, but I’m hopeless when it comes to both makeup and fitness, so I’m definitely going to check these out! 🙂


  2. Cassey is one of my favorites too! I also like Karina and Katrina from Tone It Up. What great list! I too like beauty/makeup tutorials and I’ve only seen a few of the videos from your list.

    Also, I’ve nominated you and your blog for a Leibster Award. I chose you because I enjoy reading your blog and your ideas!
    What do you do next? Come to my blog and copy and answer the 11 questions at the end to a new blog post on your blog and nominate 11 of your favorite bloggers who have less than 500 followers! Happy blogging!


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