Hunter Safety Education

This past weekend I completed my New York State DEC Hunter Safety Course. This included gun/firearm safety and bow safety. I can now officially hunt in New York. I don’t know if I necessarily want to hunt and harvest animals, but I liked the idea of feeling safe handling a gun or a bow. And I definitely like the idea of being able to own my own compound bow and target shoot with M.¬†Even just spending time in the woods will be nice, getting to experience nature.

The course was 2 full days, 8am – 5pm. And the course is offered so few times that they don’t turn anyone away, so there was about 160 people in the class, ages 11 and up. This was interesting from a learning aspect, but the instructors did a good job dividing the class up and teaching to all ages.

I also loved the class because they allowed us to shoot compound bows, shotguns, and rifles. Which meant everyone got to handle and be exposed to different firearms. I am addicted now. I want to go shooting and do target practice, and buy a compound bow!

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