C.A.R.E Channel or Anxiety Channel?

I work in a hospital. Which means a lot of stressed out, worried, anxious, and pained patients. It’s hard often to truly give them everything they needed.
Our chaplains have created/brought to the hospital this channel (deemed the C.A.R.E channel) that plays “calming” music and shows various nature scenes. Some people (both patients and staff) love this channel, others hate it.
We took a poll on our unit and determined that most introverts enjoyed the channel while most extroverts detested it. It’s interesting the strong distaste, versus just a slight annoyance. However, today while sitting a 1 on 1 with a patient (where I have to sit in their room to be sure they don’t pull out tubes, lines, get up, etc) I was “forced” to listen to the channel because it was on in hopes of calming him.
I truly believe I am an extrovert because this channel caused anxiety for me instead of calming me.
So I compromised – my sleeping patient gets to hang out with me while I watch football on mute. I’m happy, he’s happy.

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