Cheers to A Surprise Afternoon Off

I picked up an extra shift at work yesterday, when we were extra busy. Today, I got “floated” (anyone who works in a hospital knows this dreaded word… Basically I got sent to a medical floor to help because they were busier than the ICCU was at the time.) to sit with a little 94 year old lady. She was very confused yesterday and needed 1on1 care so she wouldn’t get out of bed. Today she was doing amazingly well and I just got to hang out with her. She eventually got transferred to a different facility, and I went back to my unit. Being that it was still slow, and I had full hours, I got to go home early.

So, naturally, I called my mom to meet her for lunch. On the way I stopped to say hi to my dad at work, and pick up dog treats. My mom and I met at a local bakery that I LOVE, and I got a delicious bagel sandwich. I had an everything bagel, toasted, with jalapeño cream cheese, fresh salsa, and muenster cheese. My mom got soup. 

I should’ve taken a picture of my food but I didn’t. I’m still not used to the whole “documenting your life” thing. 

Now, I get the afternoon off to hang out with my pups in the sunshine and relax on the couch for the afternoon.

Enjoy your weekend guys!

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