DIY – Sequin Letter

I saw an adorable gold sequined initial for sale on Etsy, for like $30. And the DIY-er and frugal person inside my head said, “Hey, I can do that!” So here’s my attempt, and some suggestions on how I would do it differently next time.

DIY Sequin Initial/Letter:


  • Hot Glue Gunimage (18)
  • Cardboard/Wooden Initial
  • Sequins of your color choice – Here’s where I would change what I did. I bought a sequin ribbon type thing, which worked, but it was very expensive (I did use a coupon though), and didn’t come with that much. The letter I go was maybe 8″ high and I could’ve easily used 2 of the sequin ribbons I bought. So next time I’d either (a) buy 2, or (b) possibly buy loose sequins that are cheaper, but would be more time consuming to attach.

From there it’s simple – hot glue the sequin ribbon onto the letter. I stretched the ribbon quite a bit, and tried as best as I could to wrap around the edges so when it was hung onimage (16) the wall there weren’t any bare spots.

image (17)

I literally glued a straight line onto the letter, then stuck the sequins to it. Only burned my fingers a couple times!

It’s that easy! I ran out of sequins before I was completely done, but it’s covered well enough that from the middle of the room you can’t even tell – you’d have to get up nice and close to notice (one good thing about a tan cardboard letter vs. a black or white wooden letter).

And here’s the final product hung up next to my Glitter Deer Canvas, and my Kate Spade Inspired Canvas, both are DIYs I’ve done. (Click on the title for a link to the post)photo (10)

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