My Daily Makeup Routine

This is my go-to makeup routine for every single day. Sometimes I switch it up and make it more simple or more elaborate (I’ll explain how I do that below), but these are my go-to products that I keep reaching for.

I don’t wear makeup every day. Sometimes getting up at 5am for work is enough, and getting up any earlier simply to put on makeup doesn’t make the cut over 15 more minutes of sleep. But on my days off, special evenings, etc. Here’s what I do.

Everyday I use myface Covergirl 3-1 Foundation. This has been my go-to foundation since it came out. I typically have it in 2 shades: 1 a little light for my skin, and 1 that matches my tanned skin (self tanning or summer time). When I run out of the darker shade, or if I want lighter coverage for the day I mix in some of this Garnier BB Cream. It’s the older version that’s super liquid. I actually want to try some new BB creams that are a little thicker, any recommendations on those (leScreen Shot 2014-08-26 at 8.29.44 AMave a comment telling me!)

Every once in a while if I’m extra tired and have some dark circles under my eyes I use the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Concealer

To set everything I use the Revlon Colorstay Face Powder in Translucent. I like the translucent powder so that it matches my face no matter what shade it is.

And finally for my face, if I feel like it I will contour/bronze with the NYC Bronzer in Sunny (only shade available). This is an awesome, cheap product that works as well as any high-end bronzer in my opinion.

eyesI have a lot of the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadows, but I typically gravitate towards Barely Branded, Tough as Taupe, or Bad to the Bronze. They’re more neutral colors and good for everyday wear. On other occasions I gravitate to 2 different palettes, The Balm’s Nude ‘Tude which is a mix of shimmer and matte colors, or Wet And Wild’s Comfort Zone palette, that’s all shimmer colors, but very nice neutrals (and it’s cheap!)

And for mascara I ALWAYS use my Benefit They’re Real. Hands down the most expensive product I use (that’s not saying much at $26), but I will repurchase this over and over again.Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 8.45.13 AM




And finally for my lips I just swipe on some chapstick. Sometimes I’ll use a Baby Lips for some color, but most often it’s plain chapstick to keep them moisturized.

Keeping it simple means a quick and easy routine in the morning that involves little thought and not too much time to look nice.

What are your go-to makeup products for an easy, stress-free morning?


One thought on “My Daily Makeup Routine

  1. I have that same exact Maybelline eye shadow palette! I’ve never used it because I was afraid it would be bad quality, so this post makes me feel more at ease about giving it a try, haha!


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