Meet My Dog

I have a fur-child. And she is the best little dog I could ever ask for. She is in my face every morning when I wake up, follows me around all day long, is constantly in my lap, and is snuggled under the covers when I go to sleep.

This is Rosie:

photo (1)photo







image (10)


She is a Puerto Rican mutt. My sister found her and her brother on the beach in San Juan on vacation.

image (13)image (11)image (12)image (14) photo (9)The babies were so adorable she fed them some chicken, and then finally was convinced she had to have them. So we contacted Save A Sato (similar to a dog rescue organization), and one of the volunteers went out to the beach, found the babies, and brought them back to the shelter. They were cleaned up, given their shots, and put on a plane to JFK. I fell so in love with Rosie that I took her as my own, and my sister has kept her brother, Pancho (originally named Pupe).

She goes everywhere with me. She’s my copilot, my best friend, and my snuggle buddy.

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