Weekend Recap

This weekend was full of discovery and changes.

For starters, on Friday I helped my best friend move her little brother into college. Seeing things from the “other side” was interesting. It was also interesting to remember how much stuff I packed for college, and how much stuff I didn’t need.. versus how much stuff Jacky packed for school. Boys are such minimalists. We helped him unpack EVERYTHING in under an hour.

It was really sad to leave him, after spending so much time with him and Ling over the past year. I can only imagine how Ling feels, leaving her little brother for a few months. It’ll be an adjustment definitely without him around, but it’s exciting to see a kid I watched grow up be able to succeed and chase his dreams.

On top of that, on Saturday morning Mike told me that he had accepted a new job position. It’s not completely official right now (Sunday), but by the time this goes live it’s likely to be. It will mean a big change for our relationship, but a step up in his career. He will now be a Sgt instead of a PO. While this doesn’t translate to a huge pay increase, it changes his job expectations and duties completely. The position is far away, which will mean he will spend 4 days away, and come home on his 3 days off. He has to be there for a year and then will hopefully be able to transfer back closer to home.

He was so concerned about my reaction that it reminded me how far we’ve come in our relationship. And it’s awesome to know that we get to go through this together, and that I can support him like he’s supported me through my many job changes. We have a couple weeks to adjust to the idea before the changes take place, and both of us have a lot of mental preparation to go through before then. 

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