Cleaning Tips – Machine Wash Your Pillows

We all wash our sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers, quilts, blankets (etc etc) on a regular basis. They get dirty, they get filled with dead skin (yuck), and mine get filled with dog hair and whatever else she chooses to bring in to the house. But, how often do you wash your pillows????

I never did… And by the time they got all yellow from sweat, wet hair after a shower, and drool, I would throw them out and purchase new ones. But I always got cheap pillows for this reason. So when I finally discovered how nice it was to use quality pillows, I wanted a way to keep them. Enter Pinterest, and recipes/instructions on how to machine wash pillows.

clean pillows in washing machine

clean pillows in washing machine

And voila! Your pillows are clean, fresh, and sanitary again!

*I use the Tide Pods to do my laundry, so I threw in 1 pod with 4 pillows and 1/2 c baking soda. We also have those blue plastic dryer balls that I threw in with the tennis balls, just in case it provided extra fluff.

What do you think? How much do your pillows need to be washed? What other cleaning tips would you like to see?

4 thoughts on “Cleaning Tips – Machine Wash Your Pillows

    • Pillows sound like something way too responsible to buy on black friday! Try it out – it worked great on our pillows, and my piece of mind knowing that they were nice and clean!


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