Workout Q&A #1 Music and Must-haves

I thought it’d be fun to share with you a few of my answers to the most popular questions about fitness/workout/motivation.. So here we go! I’m going to make this a series since there are a lot of questions out there and my answers are a little detailed. So here’s part 1. Let me know in the comments what other questions you want me to answer!

1. Top 5 Favorite Workout Songs

I love this song because it has a strong beat, and has both a strong chorus and strong verses. I like to listen to this song when I run intervals (or Sprint-Jogs).. So I sprint during the chorus and then jog during the verse!

Country music is my jam. And this song is upbeat and poppy. It’s one of the songs I have marked a “power song” on my fitness apps that allow that. So, when I’m tired and need motivation, I just hit “power song” and it plays this song, which motivates me to pick it up!

This song is a personal song. It’s a song that M and I like to send each other when we miss each other, or need a pick me up. It reminds me of him and makes me smile. 80s power ballads are awesome to workout to, and M usually has the 80s channel playing so I’ve grown to love them.

Another song with a strong beat. One that makes me want to dance/play the air drums while I run!

This is a guilty pleasure song. The reason I really like it for working out is the change of pace, as well as the “dubstep.” I like listening to “harder” music when I lift, and dubstep is right up my alley. Taylor Swift isn’t necessarily hard music, but this song has an awesome edge.

2. 5 Must-Have Fitness Items

  • Shoes: I love my brooks to run in, or my nike frees to lift in.
    • Brooks PureConnect: These are awesome for my knee problems because they have a very minimal heel-toe drop (meaning the heel isn’t built up to where you’re almost standing on your toes in your shoes). This allows my feet to move more freely, and for me to have a mid-foot strike, vs. a heel strike that tends to happen for me with shoes that have a more cushioned heel.
    • Nike Free: I like these because they have a wide toe-box so my toes can support me when I do lifts. They are very flexible on the bottom which means I have good range of movement no matter what exercise I’m doing. The only reason I don’t run in these is because there’s too much cushion on the heels.
    • Running Leggings. These can really be any brand for me, but I love cropped leggings that are thick enough that I don’t feel like I’m wearing cheap leggings, but are still moisture wicking and soft. My favorites are Reebok, or Under Armor, but I find some awesome deals at TJ Maxx.
    • Headphones/Music. This is pretty self explanatory, but I find that my motivation decreases rapidly when I don’t have music.
    • Pre-Workout/Post Workout. I like to drink some sort of pre-workout. Typically if I run it’s a type of hydration drink such as Nuun (watermelon is my favorite flavor). For lifting I need a little more kick in the butt for motivation so I drink something like C4 by cellucor, or Jack3d when it was available.
    • Foam Roller/Tiger Tail. This is mostly for post workout. I love to roll out my muscles and relax them and start the recovery process/removal of lactic acid right away. I like to use the foam roller for larger muscle groups (ie- back), and then I use the tiger tail for my more problematic areas (IT band, quads).

What are your favorite songs to workout to? What songs do I NEED to listen to?

What are your workout must-haves?

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