At Home Workout That Really Burns

Today was a day where I didn’t feel like running. It’s cold (65) out, which usually I think of as the perfect time to go for a run when I’m used to 90 degree weather. But, I wasn’t feeling it. So instead I pushed myself to do this workout at home. And let me tell you, I was more tired after this than I would’ve been after my run! Here it is!


(Workout credit to shed-the-pounds.tumblr)

This workout is only 4 minutes, but it burns, and really gets your lungs and heart working. I admit, I tried to run through it twice, but I only made it through about 2 squat thrusts before giving up! I’m not sure about the claim that it burns as many calories as a 40-60 minute run, but it definitely burns calories and boosts metabolism. Hopefully it’ll burn off those 2 cupcakes I ate earlier 😉

What workouts do you do at home?

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